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Press Release
Miner Statement on Primary Results
September 13, 2018 10:03 PM

September 13, 2018, N.Y. - The following is a statement from Stephanie Miner on tonight's primary results:

Andrew Cuomo just spent at least $21 million to win the Democratic primary, enough to overcome his problems with corruption, rampant pay to play behavior, excessive use of state aircraft, a rushed bridge opening, and a dirty-tricks mailer about an opponent.

State government is ineffective and serving the people in charge. The system is broken – and both parties are responsible.

The discussion of Andrew Cuomo’s tenure and the future of our state is just beginning. Voters will have a real choice in November. The Miner/Volpe ticket brings an experienced, bipartisan team to Albany to solve real problems with real solutions. We will do so without the business-as-usual party politics that plague New York. We will articulate a plan to end corruption, invest in infrastructure, enact voting and ethics reforms, create meaningful educational opportunities and lower taxes for businesses and families. The next four years is of critical importance to the future of our state.

I look forward to the next 54 days of the campaign to highlight important policy differences between Andrew Cuomo, Marc Molinaro and me. I hope we can have a productive and civil debate about how to make New York a better place to live, work and raise a family.

Miner is running on the SAM (Serve America Movement) line.

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