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Press Release
Miner Condemns Board of Elections Vote on Enforcement Counsel
August 08, 2018 2:29 PM

Syracuse, New York, August 8, 2018 - 

New York State is mired in corruption scandals involving pay to play schemes. Corporations think they can buy a seat at the table. Legislators and the governor refuse to enact campaign finance reform. Citizens no longer have trust in the system.

 “I can’t think of a worse time to weaken the powers of the Enforcement Counsel,” said Miner. “It’s a sad day for New Yorkers who care about integrity in elections and government.”

The two major parties - Democrats and Republicans - have colluded, yet again, to sacrifice the public interest and to protect the status quo.  The status quo is failing New Yorkers and needs to be disrupted.

Miner has proposed voting and campaign finance reforms.

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