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Miner and Volpe: Westchester Real Estate Market Shows Need for Reforms
August 07, 2018 10:22 AM

The real estate market in Westchester County points to the need for property tax reforms and the failure of both political parties to offer real solutions, said independent candidates for governor and lieutenant governor Stephanie Miner and Michael Volpe.


A report in The Real Deal raised concerns about home sales in the second quarter. That’s because of the Republican’s new tax law and Democratic-imposed state mandates, including the Medicaid burden.


It’s imperative for the state to pick up the cost of Medicaid, starting with Upstate counties, Miner said. Medicaid accounts for 32 percent of the county tax burden in Westchester County.


“We must return that money to property taxpayers,” Miner said. “One million people have moved out of New York since 2010, and property taxes are a big reason.”


Miner pledges to find efficiencies in the Medicaid program, while ensuring coverage to those in need.


Miner also plans to find savings by abolishing the state’s economic development programs, which cost billions of dollars a year and don’t produce promised jobs.


“The way New York State became the Empire State was by building infrastructure. We need to fix our roads, bridges and water systems. We need to invest in affordable broadband technology,” said Miner. “And the state needs to recognize communities and homeowners are getting crushed by the Medicaid burden.”

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