Invest in the future of New York

Invest in New York's Future

Real infrastructure solutions that do not waste tax dollars

Wages are stagnant, and the cost of living has spiraled out of reach for working people.

We must commit ourselves to infrastructure that acts as a platform for long-term equitable social and economic growth.

We Propose
  • Take ownership of the MTA crisis (See our detailed plan to fix the MTA)
    • Insist that all MTA officials appointed by the current governor resign.
    • Work with leadership in New York City to find and appoint board members focused solely on fixing the transit system.
    • Require that MTA board members have no conflicts of interest that may detract from their ability to focus on the decisions needed to fix the transit system.
    • Lay out priorities to be addressed (i.e. signals and lines), and come to a joint multi-year agreement on operating revenue and capital plan expenses.
  • Cut property taxes to relieve the crushing burden that is crippling local governments and driving residents out of New York.
  • Slash the parts of the state’s vast bureaucracy that waste public money, delivering little to no value for New York taxpayers.
  • Ensure access to educational and employment opportunities through universal high-speed broadband access.
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