Stephanie Miner and Michael Volpe believe corruption has no place in New York.

Crush Corruption

New Yorkers are tired of hearing politicians promise a quick fix only to be left with nothing. We need to confront corruption with innovation and practicality.

We need to cut the waste and fraud in our state.

Taxpayers pay the price of corruption with broken bridges, poorly performing schools, and failing mass transit.

We Propose
  • Disband the ineffective Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) and replace it with a truly independent commission with the power to investigate and fight corruption.
  • Ban anonymous campaign contributions (the “LLC loophole”).
  • Prohibit use of state giveaways in the form of ‘economic development programs’ aimed at rewarding campaign contributors and friends.
  • Empower the State Comptroller, not the Governor, as chief oversight agent of economic development proposals to restore fairness and openness to the process.
  • Limit outside compensation of statewide officials and state legislators to 25% of their salaries.
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